Hearing this, Lianer didn’t have the slightest mood swings and hesitated for a moment, so she simply handed the waist wooden token to Master.

If Luo Tian’s younger brother saw this scene, he would be stunned. His younger brother’s sect is so high that the whole sect is just seven people. All younger brothers have to listen to their younger brothers’ orders. Some abdicated elders have to respect her and dare not offend a cent.
If the peak owner is a national emperor, then the younger brother is equivalent to being the new peak owner after the peak owner abdicates or dies.
Moreover, the competition for the position of head of the company is also the exhibition of seven brothers, so the high status is definitely beyond the reach of all younger brothers.
However, this brother gave up his position without greed, and his mood didn’t fluctuate. Even if this sentence sounds more like a joke, he didn’t hesitate. How can it not be surprising?
The peak owner doesn’t seem to be surprised. More simply, he turned the token to the back and reached for a wipe, then erased the words "white lotus" and wrote another few words.
"Let’s go. It’s time." After all this, the peak owner cast a glance, and Lianer, who had just been disqualified from being a brother, actually smiled and laughed as if she had something that didn’t mean what she was looking forward to …
Unlike the cold fire of the earth demon, the Yu Tiangang Yang fire body has no resistance, so the whale sucking operation in Wang Gan will be swallowed very smoothly
Of course, it was necessary to refine the cold fire of the dungeon, but it happened that there was another fire of the highest day in his body. When this cold fire entered the sea of gas, the two immediately fought for it, saving the effort of refining and refining, and it was the fastest speed to suppress all the fire of the highest day and force it into the cyclone, so that it would never be chaotic again.
Then, the cold fire of these devils surrounded the big cyclone and kept a tight watch.
Actually, it’s not that the cold fire of the earth is stronger than the arctic flame, but that the yang of the body is strong to the extreme after swallowing the yang fire of the highest day. As a result, there is a problem with the imbalance of yin and yang. Now that the yin and yang are gradually balanced, Wang Gan has regained control of the true qi and immediately controlled the yang fire of the highest day so that it will not run out of control.
The crisis of yang fire out of control was finally lifted, but Wang Gan’s brow was gloomy but he didn’t go away for a long time
The old troubles solved the new ones, and he knew very well that he had destroyed the process of refining the magic weapon by the master now, and he was afraid that there would be a great disaster in the future, which was exactly what the sentence said-fortunes depend on each other
But Wang Gan didn’t notice that when he swallowed the cold fire, the cold around him gradually disappeared, and he didn’t know that all the snakes around him were finally ready to move and close the encirclement because of the cold fading.
"No cold is fading," said Yang Qing, three people far behind the snake.
"Just now, there was a beast barking in that direction. I’ve never heard such a strange cry. Even the aura of heaven and earth is out of order. I’m afraid there will be a powerful treasure-protecting spirit beast!" Wu Wenhua’s frown on the surface seemed very distressing, but there was an excitement and ecstasy in her eyes that flashed by, but it was quickly covered up and the past was not discovered.
"treasure-protecting spirit beast!" Yang Qing and Liu Jing exclaimed at the same time and looked at each other for several thoughts in their heads.
"It’s no wonder that so many snakes and precious beasts are attracted. It must be that this beast has found some rare natural materials and treasures waiting for maturity." Liu Jing smiled and said, "Since the animals here attach so much importance to this natural material and treasure, it must be very valuable to the animals, and it may have the same miraculous effect on the monks!"
Yang Qing and Wu Wenhua smell speech, but they sneer at his speculation. It is true that Liu Jing said it is possible, but there is another possibility that there is a congenital treasure born and this treasure-protecting spirit beast is the treasure spirit!
How can you stir up the aura of heaven and earth if you are a general treasure-protecting spirit beast? This can only be done with a certain understanding of heaven and geography.
Congenital level treasure!
Thinking of this, Yang Qing Wu Wenhua’s eyes are even more fanatical, and the atmosphere is hovering in his head. Gradually, he becomes nervous and looks at each other with a cold feeling.
Only this Liu Jing milli noticed unconsciously that the two of them pulled the distance and walked far ahead.
The cultivation advantage of the spirit is more prominent than that of human beings. It is difficult to predict that these two people naturally deliberately let Liu Jing take the lead and pick up cheap ideas behind them.
I don’t know how long it took, but all of a sudden, three people’s faces changed, and the speed was several times faster. In a blink of an eye, they dumped the group of snakes behind them and looked like they couldn’t wait to touch them.
Liu Jing walked at the forefront and the fastest speed. After several breaths, he widened his eyes and found those withered and frozen fairy grass at a glance. I don’t know how many years old it was.
"Haha, that baby must be in this well!" Liu Jing was overjoyed to see her two companions being left behind by herself, and she was very dissatisfied as if this treasure had already fallen into her pocket.
But when he was about to jump into the well, suddenly something came out of the wellhead, which made him consciously step back and secretly guard.
Liu Jing looked intently and saw that this thing turned out to be a piece of gray iron in the shape of a decree, which was the size of a fist and braved the biting cold. It was also engraved with an ancient Chinese character-seal.
"Is this … is this an instrument?" Liu Jing was surprised and was waiting for a good study when he fished it out. He didn’t want another thing to fly out of the well.
This time, it’s a huge stone with a powerful aura. If polished, it can be made into a stone bed.
"Pregnant … pregnant spirit marrow!" Liu Jing’s eyesight is excellent. He recognized it immediately when he saw it, but he couldn’t believe that his eyes were too valuable because of this treasure. Some small schools of cultivating immortals regarded it as a treasure of Zhenshan. If you put a mountain at will, the whole mountain will be enveloped by the rich aura of heaven and earth. The cultivation speed is several times higher than usual!
Even getting a small piece of it is great luck for the monk to practice gas, but he didn’t expect to see such a large piece of pregnant marrow in front of him. If this doesn’t make him feel excited?
"Bring me the moving object!" Liu Jing quickly reacted with a big hand, and there was an illusory shadow appearing to grasp the two treasures respectively.
However, at this moment, a black shadow flew out of the well again. Before Liu Jing could see it clearly, he quickly changed his target and fished it out …
"Yi … Hum!" With a wave of his arm, the black shadow gave a cold hum and saw a dark red qi transforming into a sharp blade, which smashed the virtual shadow into pieces.
"hmm? How is it a person? ! Who are you? " The spell was broken, and Liu Jing looked up with a shock, only to see that the shadow flying out was actually a boy with a bloody face and pale complexion, especially to let him notice that this person’s true qi was dark red and contained an odd yang breath, which actually defeated his own photography.
Of course, this object-taking technique is not an advanced spell, and it is also reasonable that it is not good at fighting.
It was when he gazed intently at the man and saw that his life was only five hundred years old that his heart was suddenly shocked.
Vitality is 500, which is a sign of five levels of practice. Judging from his appearance, it is obvious that he has not been a novice for a long time, but he can use five levels of practice to defeat his six levels, which surprised him.
However, he will soon feel at ease. Since this person is one step lower than himself, it will definitely not be his opponent who wants to compete with himself for the baby.
"What are you from will appear our Luo Tian factions territory? Do you know that this well belongs to our sect? How dare you steal the baby? It’s killing you! Hand over the stolen goods quickly or don’t blame me! " Liu Jing’s eyes turned to make a decent brother look serious when he caught the thief. He thundered
Chapter 24 Meet Yang Qing again

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