"What do you want to eat?" Shop assistant asks.

Haikui didn’t know what they were good at or what dishes they had and asked, "What can your shop do?"
"At present, the vegetarian pasta is gone!"
"grass! Then you have been talking to me for a long time! " Haikui is angry and annoyed. What a joke!
On the contrary, the shop assistant looked aggrieved. "I don’t want to. I don’t have a place to buy ingredients in the middle of nowhere. It takes a long time to go to Qingfeng County recently. Except the kitchen, the boss is the only one in the store. Am I bitter?"
Haikui didn’t listen to him vomit and reach out to stop him. "Okay, I get it. Let’s have a bowl of vegetarian noodles!"
The shop assistant held out his hand. "We pay one or two silvers first when we eat here!"
Haikui immediately slammed a table. "Robbery, one or two silvers, accommodation, one or two silvers, one or two silvers, what are you doing!" Even if Haikui doesn’t know their currency conversion here, he knows that one or two pieces of silver are too expensive.
Staying at the Earth Normal Hotel for one night is 100 to 201 bowls of noodles, which is about 10 yuan. So judge him if this is not robbery!
The clerk in the shop laughed, "The guest officer can eat and rest in our house in the middle of nowhere. If it’s too expensive, you can stay and eat!"
Haikui didn’t know whether he should cry or laugh. It turned out that he had touched a black shop. Isn’t this a bully? I just wanted to make a second thought and said, "Well, one or two silvers, one or two silvers. Give me two bowls of noodles, burn some hot water in the room, soak my feet, and then feed my horse outside, plus my breakfast money!" Haikui said, pulling out an ingot of gold.
It is said that wealth should not be exposed, but Haikui now has the gold given by Master Guo.
Generate, the shop assistant, stared at the gold with shining eyes for a few seconds and hurriedly took it over. He enthusiastically said, "Just wait for the horse, guest officer!"
The shop assistant went to prepare food for Haikui. Haikui turned his eyes to the man wearing a hat again. He still kept his head low and didn’t finish a bowl of noodles after such a long time.
However, Haikui also understands that women generally eat more slowly.
The shop assistant first came to the bar and said something to the boss inside. The boss’s eyes were also shining low and he explained a few words. Then the shop assistant went to the back and the boss kept looking at Haikui with dribbling eyes.
Haikui looked at him a few times, and the man in the hat felt that someone else was watching him. He turned around and saw the boss staring at him with his neck stretched out. He found Haikui’s eyes flashing in a hurry.
It’s weird!
This is Hai Kui’s first feeling. He always thinks that this shop is a black shop, so he can’t help being cautious. After all, if he is not careful now, he may be killed by these ordinary people!
After waiting for a while, the shop boy brought a bowl of noodles.
"Guest officer, please tell me if you have any instructions. I’ll go and clean your guest room first!" Shop buddy said with a smile
Haikui nodded and watched the shop boy go to the back and then picked up chopsticks. What if there is an antiperspirant in this face? Isn’t that what they do in TV?
While he was hesitating, he glanced at the man wearing a hat. He was fine after eating for a long time, but Haikui was worried that he was drugged for revealing his wealth.
Think about it. Think about going to Haikui. Think of a cautious strategy. Go back to the house to eat and seal the door. Even if you sleep over, it should be safer in the house.
Say go and go! Haikui picked up the bowl and headed for the back room.
The boss watched Haikui leave with the bowl, trying to say something, but in the end he opened his mouth and said nothing.
Haikui went straight to a guest room and saw the shop assistant cleaning it. He went in and said, "All right, buddy, thank you. You go first!" "
The shop assistant looked at the end face of Haikui’s hand and asked, "Why doesn’t the guest officer eat noodles?"
"I’ll eat later. Go ahead!"
When the shop boy saw Haikui, he agreed to go out and took the door.
Haikui listened for a while, and the footsteps went away. He hurriedly pulled the table to the door and blocked it. Then he looked at his face and thought about the best way to verify whether there was an antiperspirant
Now the bag can’t be punched, otherwise the animals inside will know if there is any antiperspirant if they taste it.
While Haikui was deciding whether to taste a little first to see if he was dizzy, the knocking at the door didn’t ring loudly, but it still surprised Haikui, who was a little nervous.
Haikui asked softly, "Who is it?"
There is also a slight voice outside, "It’s me!"
Haikui is depressed. This sentence is what I told him to say. He doesn’t know anyone here. "Who are you?"
"me!" Still keep your voice down outside
Haikui said in his heart,’ Let’s go!’ Ok, go on, "Give me a name or I’ll know who it is!"
"I am Yu Lin!" The voice said in a low voice
Haikui one leng Yu Lin? He really didn’t hear it. Maybe it was a deliberate cover-up. The words sounded different, but Haikui believed that it was Yu Lin because he didn’t know many people here, and it was impossible for others to know him.
Haikui pulled the table and hit the door. A man in a hat got in.
Haikui one leng hat man looked up who is not Yu Lin!
Former Yu Lin kept eating noodles with his head down. Haikui didn’t recognize him, and he didn’t expect it at all
"Why are you here?" Haikui low voice said
"I’m not worried about you!" Lin Yuyin returned to normal, locked the door and said
Haikui coughed and returned to normal. "What’s the matter?"
Yu Lin laughed. "I want to go to the capital with you. I know this road is the only way. I will wait for you here!"
"coming?" Haikui didn’t see any other means of transportation in the yard, such as horses, mules and donkeys.
"yeah!" Yu Lin heavy nod eyes flashed excitement!
Haikui Nai said, "It’s getting dark now. Will you go back to your good room?"
"yes! I’m here to tell you this! " Yu Lin suddenly said mysteriously, "I left the house before you. The name of the owner of this shop is not good in the local area. I am a stranger. They won’t treat me badly, but I think the boss and the shop assistant don’t see your eyes right. You’d better go to my room to sleep tonight!"
Haikui didn’t expect this store to be a black shop, so he guessed it, but Yu Lin hesitated to let him go to her room.
He is mainly afraid that he can’t help it later!
"You took out an ingot of gold today, and the shop assistants and the boss kept their eyes straight. They might hurt you later. Now you can go to my house and be wronged for one night except walking back!" Yu Lin saw Haikui hesitate and said
Haikui sighed and said this. He still ink what is Yu Lin’s injustice, so he still considers it.

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