When will he think of something-

Even Fang Zhou couldn’t help but feel a little flustered, as if something precious was slowly leaving her secretly and immovably.
O Jianli pinched her hand thoughtfully for a moment with a wry smile. "You are my wife. I can also talk to you about it! I’m not afraid of your jokes when I say it. I actually have a feeling of deja vu at the moment I received the order … but I can’t remember the specific situation! Maybe I have had such a dream! "
He laughed at himself.
Even fangzhou’s heart sank slightly, and the feeling was even more obvious.
It is true that he can also tell her this. What if he tells others that they will laugh at his wishful thinking? Who is that who can take orders? Small officials are not enough, but also big officials!
She also wanted to do what he said. Maybe she had such a dream, but she couldn’t.
Even Fang Zhou took a deep breath and looked up at him with a smile. "Husband, I don’t think it’s a dream. Maybe it’s true! You must have felt that way when the scene touched your memory! Husband, it’s not once or twice that all kinds of touches have been made in the past six months. I think you will remember! Don’t worry, maybe the excitement is not deep enough. There will always be a suitable opportunity slowly! "
She paused and sighed faintly. "Husband, you are not an ordinary person with such martial arts knowledge and such a temperament. Maybe you are really a big official!"
Jane dazed, caught a glimpse of her expression seems to be a little unhappy, then held her and smiled. "Look, do you think I’m so good? Big official? But how come I didn’t feel anything when I met the official? Maybe you’re wrong! Besides, no matter what I am, you are always my wife! We have worshipped heaven and earth and entered the bridal chamber! "
The front is serious, but the last sentence is neither fish nor fowl. Even Fangzhou Qiao’s face is lightly dyed with hongxia, so she can’t help but spat at him gently. At a turn, she hummed as if she were angry with him. "Oh? You said I was always your wife … "
"Of course," Jane was a little puzzled. Her attitude became clear after a little thinking. She twisted her meaning unconsciously. "What are you thinking about?" I really never married before! There is no other woman! "
"really?" Even Fangzhou Zheng suspected that the question mark was full in her heart, but which woman didn’t like to hear this?
"Really!" Jane nodded without hesitation.
"I don’t believe it!" Even Fang Zhou crooned softly, "Do you think I’m three or two years old to coax children?" You don’t remember anything else, but this one is so clear! "
He glanced at him with half anger and half resentment and said softly, "Husband, you are not honest now!"
"Who said!" Jane laughed. "How could I lie to you? If there is still one or two points before, I am not sure that I am really determined after last night! "
Even Fang Zhou opened his eyes wide and looked at his heart unblinkingly. What happened last night was really settled
Jane endured a smile, but her eyes were thick with a smile and she whispered, "I really never had that taste last night-what are you doing!"
The joke turned into a screaming pain before it was finished.
"Bastard! Bastard! " Even fangzhou blushed and fevered with shame, and the two men waved their little fists at him in disgust.
Seeing that she was almost venting, Jane smiled and caught her little fist tightly in her hand. Judo "Fangzhou, you have to believe me, we are husband and wife!"
Even Fang Zhou’s nose was sore and she almost felt like crying. She smiled slightly and nodded gently. "Well, I believe you, Jane. I really hope you can find your lost memory as soon as possible, otherwise it’s unfair to you and your family!"
Jane nodded and smiled and held her in her arms tightly. He was lucky to marry her.
In the middle of the night, Lian Li was found in the small courtyard deep in the ancestral temple, and no one would know how he would react when he woke up.
And when he was crazy, he also said it like the wind.
The reason for madness is naturally jealousy stimulated …
Joe’s didn’t believe it, but she acquiesced. What can a woman do? Besides, Lian Li has not been good to her since she had a fox.
She can help him say a few words and shed a few tears, which has done her husband and wife’s love and conscience!
Joe’s eyes turned and he was ready to hold the fox.
With her husband gone, look who’s still protect that damn fox! She’s just a concubine, but she’s a real wife, and she doesn’t want revenge!
Qiao’s full of ambition and confidence to punish Xiaoya didn’t want her to come and start work, but she found that Xiaoya was nowhere to be found. When she found that all the money at home was gone, she suddenly realized that Xiaoya had escaped!
Joe’s anger, impatience and sudden pain made him vomit blood and fell unconscious on the spot.
The man is crazy, and the concubine has lost all her possessions and fled. What way can she live? What to do in the second half!
Even in the heart of the sea, I feel guilty and dare not face Joe’s. Although he can’t look at the roots in the room, he still sits there until it’s almost time for dinner. His stomach is really hungry. This just dawdles out of the room. Chapter 58 vomiting blood and fainting.
I don’t want it to be dark outside, but even the sea is in a daze, and I have a bad feeling in my heart. I hurriedly lit the lamp and found my mother lying unconscious!
The dark red blood.
Even the sea has seen such a scene. Looking at his mother’s unconsciousness, he feels that the blood is getting weirder and weirder. He is so scared that his face is white and he screams for two "Niang! Niang! " The first reaction was not to pick up Joe’s before, but to retreat with trembling legs and stomach, and then to stumble out of his house. Without thinking, he ran towards even Fangzhou’s house and shouted "Fangzhou! Fangzhou! Cousin! Not good! "
Provoked many people to come out from home to watch the excitement.
The door was so loud that Zhang Xiaojun didn’t come to speak when he opened the door, so he felt a gust of wind blowing by, and when he reacted, even the sea had rushed in.
"Master Lian Hai!" Zhang Xiaojun was so startled that he hurried to chase after his feet.
Even the sea is the feeling be nasty potential play Zhang Xiaojun is the original speed quickly chasing him hurriedly pulled his sleeve wry smile way "even the master of the sea, how can you just rush in! If the girl and the second young master find out, they will blame me! Please tell them later! "
"What else to report!" Even the sea panting way "had an accident! Something happened! Fangzhou! Cousin! Come out quickly! Come out quickly! "

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