"Brother, don’t be angry. I just heard that the fox hurt the girl and Meng Chong wanted it to heal." The man’s hand was already stretched out. Before everyone could react, Muhuan hugged her tightly and Meow Meow had reached his hand.

"What are you going to do?" Muhuan was frightened and didn’t expect this man to rob Meow. He ignored him and called himself a girl.
Men are so close to MuHuan at the moment that they can smell each other’s breath. It’s strange that although this man looks like he has three points of need, his body smells like a faint scent of medicine, which makes him feel particularly calm and frightened. He took a deep look at MuHuan’s watery and foggy eyes and the curvature of his mouth gave him a meaning. Please rest assured! I don’t know MuHuan immediately quiet.
"What are you doing with my wife?" Fire Xuan also panicked when he saw that Meow Meow had fallen into the hands of men. No matter how bad he was, his wife had been kidnapped. If he was not happy, he could strangle Meow Meow himself with one hand. Even if he was killed, Meow Meow would not live.
"What did Miss Fox say?" Male look at hand meow meow and look at MuHuan face eventually hung with a smile clearly MuHuan can fire xuan communication.
"It’s angry that you caught its wife." Mu Huan did not deny that he could understand animal language.
"Tell it I’m trying to save the cat. There’s no malice." The man said, reaching out to Xiaobai, Xiaobai hurriedly pulled out a bottle of Dan medicine from his arms and carefully poured out one.
"You are not the fox master? Where can I help you? Tell it yourself. "Muhuan smiled with a hint of sarcasm in her words.
"The girl is a clever person, so she likes the fox so much that she has to make this strategy to catch it. I didn’t expect to disturb the girl’s quiet and hurt her. She felt uneasy in her heart and came to make amends to her." The man said slowly, he took the small white medicine and handed it to Muhuan with his slender fingers, and his eyes looked straight at Muhuan’s mouth with a smile. He couldn’t say how attractive it was. "This is the ninth turn back to the soul. Dan believes that it will definitely make the girl’s pet come back to the soul."
"Nine turns back to Soul Dan?" Ah Wen’s eyes widened. Oh, my God, did you hear me right? This is a famous magic medicine in Cangxi mainland. It is said that money is hard to find, but this man casually took out one for the cat. Where did this man come from?
"Nine back to the soul Dan? ! Let me see if it’s true. If it’s a fake grandfather, I’ll cut you to pieces! " Fire Xuanwen scampered over and stretched out his claws, trying to catch meow on the pretext of seeing medicine.
"What is it?" The man looked at MuHuan peach blossom with a smile in his eyes. It seems that he never left MuHuan for a moment when he appeared.
"It wants to see if your medicine is true or not." Muhuan also smiled. Although she has never heard of this medicine, it must be very good from Ah He’s fire Xuan expression.
"Since it is to make amends to the girl, can it be a fake drug to deceive people?" Male eyebrow pick a finger with a flick of the pill in his hand and fly to the fire. Chapter one hundred and ninety-nine Wife, I’ll stay!
Fire Xuan flies to pick up the pills, so he will grab the male hand. Meow meow male has long been guarding against it. At the same time, he lightly flicks his hand in the opposite direction, holding on to Meow meow, but he didn’t take the opportunity to leave it for fire Xuan.
Fire Xuan can naturally grab the medicine and take back the claw, put the medicine on the tip of the nose and smell it. Then the claw pinches the wax pill to reveal a small pill. Fire Xuan crushes a little claw and tastes it. It instantly softens the eyes of the man and hands it over again.
The man fed the pills into Meow’s mouth and put his hand on Meow’s body with a colorful light. Then he wrapped Meow’s body for about half a cup of tea, and then the man closed his hand and opened his eyes.
"Mother!" Meow meow eyes see MuHuan jumped cried.
"wife!" It’s late. It’s fast fire. Xuan’s long tail rolled up
"I don’t want you! I want my mother! " Meow meow in the tail of a fox struggling desperately.
"Fire Xuan, give me meow back!" Muhuan rushed to the fire and drank a drink. "I tell you, Fire Xuan, if you dare to force Meow to take it away, I will find you and kill you no matter the ends of the earth!"
"You arrogant woman!" Fire Xuan paused. "Do you have this thing?"
"I am not the matter but I will never let you go! Do not believe that we will see! " Muhuan’s eyes flashed a cold look, and Ah Heqin’s eyes felt more like a hundred miles away.
"Smelly fox dead fox let me I don’t want you! I want my mother! " Meow meow also stretched out his claws like crazy and tried to catch fire. Xuan’s tail was flying with red fox hair.
"Wife, we have something to say, can you stop scratching my hair! My fur is the best in the world! If you catch it, where can you find such a beautiful husband? " The fire Xuan is the most attractive one, and it is his fur that has been scratched by Meow at the moment, which makes him feel distressed and hurriedly loosens his tail.
Meow meow a fly to MuHuan arms small head MuHuan chest rubbing against the dark cat eyes dense mist "mother!"
"It’s okay!" Muhuan gently stroked meow meow head eyes are laughing.
It’s a plain face, but it’s a coincidence that she has a pair of talking eyes. They are so fond of looking at the stars that people feel deeply attracted. At this moment, the man next to Muhuan finally said that Muhuan’s eyes are so beautiful that people can’t help but feel good.
"Girls and cute pets are not generally good-looking and envious." The man smiled.
"Thank you for saving my family’s meow meow" MuHuan remembered that he should thank the man and give him a blessing.

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