Is rich kang to help resist because the other side has been in the defense root, there is no chance to fight back. They are all careless about the defense and do not want to be attacked by Qian Kang. They never thought that they had been trapped and suffered from defense. Five people could fight back and wait for the gods to be destroyed. Now it is wrong to quickly prevent their attack power from weakening a lot.

Fortunately, the Master Wu Division of Tuansha Island was also close to Yuan Ying’s late master, who suffered a big loss and destroyed the flesh. However, Yuan Ying barely flew out and cursed Qian Kang. Seeing several companions around him, he couldn’t help but swallow his saliva. His mind moved from the destroyed flesh to bring over the dry Kun bag and let out more than 100 sets of monty around him, so he was relieved.
Others saw that his secret was extinguished, and they wanted to catch him. Yuan Ying’s mind seriously dealt with them, and at the same time, most of their energy was weak in their defense.
Qian Kang didn’t mean it again when he saw each other’s defense. He never liked recklessly, but he could bear the arrogance of 47 islands nearby for so long. A big reason was to avoid the young man in black who knew that once he recklessly ended up with a lose-lose field. Now, when he saw the other side giving up the storm and strengthening the defense, he didn’t worry, but suddenly he hid himself when he shook his body.
Then he suddenly appeared in the other crowd. When he appeared in front of a certain person, he raised his hand and played hard and quickly, then disappeared and went to attack others. The worst thing is that the beaten person has a magic weapon for self-defense, but when he is directly attacked by his jade, how much is the foundation?
Playing is a face full of flowers or half of the face is swollen up. If the skill is weak, the base is a half-dead, almost suffocating. When everyone is beaten first, a few people are negligent and lax. After seeing each other, they can’t hit it, and every fight will be heavy. Except for a few strong defenses, they are beaten.
Gradually they saw that
Ten people, such as Shi and Wu Lingzhu, have high capability and strong defense, and they have never been affected. After even being hit, these people are furious with Qian Kang and hate each other. For Ye Bin and other four people, they have spare time to take care of their invisible Qian Kang fights or defend themselves or scatter and stay away from the crowd.
Wu Lingzhu saw Qian Kang, a fairy who was so shameless. A person bullied others, and his companions suffered too much. He wanted to stop it, but the other party was not able to fight against it. It was good that he could keep himself. When he was uncomfortable, on the other hand, Song Chang Gung ignored the guys on such a 47-island, and they attacked Qian Kang in succession, hiding and fighting guerrilla warfare like a rainstorm.
Although he manipulated the five elements of sword light to resist each other’s attack, he didn’t dare to be careless, because he always felt that the shuttle of the other party was very strange, and the young man in black saw Song Chang-geng’s softness and hard touch with his shuttle, and he knew that the other party had shown this magic weapon danger and could not help laughing.
After fighting for a while, I can’t break through the defense of the other side, and the pink light spell has been exhausted. I said, this friend is a fairy, you are the right way, and I am the magic religion. What if we really fight and have no vendetta? I want you to give me back that bell and I’ll leave at once, okay?
As you can see, my shuttle is very unusual. I can’t release this magic weapon today. At first, because this magic treasure was too vicious and easy to be jealous by orthodox people, and I didn’t dare to practice three more pieces to protect myself. Since I fled to the ground in World War I, although I have been robbed, I know how to keep a low profile.
Although children don’t listen to the usual chaos, they can always be restrained. There are men and women in the world of Yin and Yang from the small Antarctic. This is the way of heaven. There must be evil. Are you right ways to make the world evil? It is these reasons that evil is right and evil is wrong. Friends in this fairy realm must know that it is necessary to fight against us. "
Song Chang Gung listened to him and said that cocoa hands were as strange and vicious as unambiguous attacks, but he also knew that the other party was talking an excellent job. At the same time, the purple fire stopped at the core of bell refining, because now the core strength of this bell turned out to be a few resentment condensation, but this kind of magic was the last thing he wanted to contact, but he did not refine this thing, but it was not controlled by this bell.
If you refine your purple fire and get angry, it will turn into a real magic fire. That’s not what he wants. After a little meditation, he stops refining and considers whether to give him the bell.
Seeing each other’s nagging, begging and fearing, I can’t help but laugh. "Isn’t this magic treasure you refined" the secret magic "? It’s a powerful weapon of magic teaching, and it’s the most vicious poison. Once it’s applied, the stars in the sky, the moon and the sky are all induced, and it can lead this power to an extremely strong flame than poisonous fire.
Even the gangfeng in the sky attracted Fiona Fang to become a big black air mass for more than three thousand miles in an hour, and the sun and the moon were covered with such poisonous flames. If we do it here, the nearby islands will almost collapse in Lu Chen, which is even more interesting.
This is ok. The legal person can control the scope in advance. If it doesn’t control the scope, I’m afraid it will be tough, but this magic weapon can be released or not. Although it is feasible to send the rest to the border of two days for stratification, it is so powerful when it explodes that it becomes a dead circle thousands of miles away from the power wave. Fortunately, all creatures.
Even people and animals in neighboring areas will be killed if they touch a little poison gas, and those who cast magic weapons will also provoke a taboo between heaven and earth. But after they have finished casting, they will be able to go in the past, and few of them are fairy capitals. Do you dare to cast them now? Hehe, if you dare to let me go, then I’m not afraid of death anyway. "
The young man in Heiyi couldn’t help being stupefied that Song Chang knew so much about it. It was because Song Chang felt that his mana was too high that he refined five lines of divine power to fight against himself. It was already in a winning or losing situation, and the other side seemed to be a Buddhist fellow practitioner who had a strong restraint on his magic. Qian Kang was waiting beside him for thrift and cheapness, and he didn’t want to fight with him.
But over the years, I have lived in this small South Pole. Although I have refined a few powerful magical treasures, it is a protective treasure. I don’t want to take it out. This "all the secret magic wusuo" is actually not refined by him, but a magical thing in the north. He used to see that the momentum was wrong, so he took three pieces and fled here. This time, he just took it out to intimidate the other party. He didn’t dare to really explode.
The fifty-first volume Magic wave wind Chapter five hundred and six Unexpected outbreak
But seeing Song Chang Gung so white, I can’t help thinking, "Since my friends know so clearly, I don’t want to say anything. You should have died here with Wudang’s brother this time, right?" I fled here from Middle-earth. If Wudang really wants a younger brother this time, it will lead a war between good and evil to clear up our little Antarctic.
That’s to make me lose my body, escape from heaven and earth, or risk soaring. I’ll detonate these three’ Wu Suo, the secret magic of the heavens’. It’s actually necessary to die together. I’ve been tired of fighting Qian Kang over the years. Will you come to Xiaonan Pole to intervene? Is it worth having a younger brother? "
Song Chang-geng felt otherwise when he saw each other say this, but he was touched by the sentence’ I’ve been tired of confronting Qian Kang over the years’. If we really wiped out the other side and cleared 47 islands, the Orthodox Church would settle in, and at the same time, Qian Kang’s power would swell. If these guys tried to find their own light, it would be difficult to fight.
After all, there are many fairies behind these paths. They don’t care about the law of the jungle like the magic way. They are all very defensive. It’s too much trouble to fight at their own door. It’s better to keep the original state. Thought of this, he laughed. "If you say that, I will be a bully if I don’t give it to you. If you are willing to give me a bell, the magic weapon in the magic teaching, I will return it to you."
The young man in black stared blankly. "These three shuttles are actually a deterrent weapon and a double-edged sword. What are you going to do if you hurt yourself and your friends? And even if you want to transport it, you need us to teach you magic, the right way, and detonate it as soon as it enters. Did your friends want it? If my friend is willing to return my bell, do I have another medicine for it? "
Song Chang-geng smiled and said, "What is the explanation? It’s that the purple fire has been running for a long time, and it has not been used." When I came out to see a lotus flower, the young man in black immediately recognized it and couldn’t help but be frightened. [Blood nerve] He is known as the classic of magic teaching. He knew that he didn’t expect the other party to be able to use that magic gas and power. It is pure magic.
Seeing his surprise, Song Changgeng said, "I practiced Taoism the most to practice [blood nerve], and then after the robbery, I realized that I can make my friends give it to me, whether it is a magic treasure or a Buddha treasure." With that, he threw the bell to the young man in black and let him decide everything for himself.
The man thought for a moment, "Although there are three pieces of this shuttle, I gave my only spiritual bead, and two of them are for you. One of them is also a chicken rib. Since you have practiced my magic religion, I will make friends with you today. If you have any chance, come to my mullet island to get together and learn together."
He said that he would shuttle the battle with Song Changgeng and then cut off the United Song Changgeng. When he saw him, he looked at himself Gherardini and knew that he wanted to see if he had the courage to get it. He didn’t say anything. He wrapped the shuttle as soon as he turned, and then he chatted with him while refining in front of the opposite side.
When they were talking, they listened to a scream and turned to look at the young man in black. When they saw it, they couldn’t help but feel sad and angry. It turned out that Qian Kang finally found a flaw and succeeded in attacking Wu Lingzhu’s body and destroying the conjoined baby. Wu Lingzhu was only the mid-term strength of the baby. Now, in addition to the metempsychosis, how can the young man in black and his father not be sad?
Wu Lingzhu’s flesh was destroyed, and Yuan Ying barely came out and was protected by several masters next to him. Just after checking, he knew his own situation. A malicious mind read the secret spell and actually detonated the’ Wu Suo’ in Gankun’s bag.
The so-called immortal fights hurt mortals. When they were in the middle for such a long time, the aftermath of all kinds of spell attacks spread out in all directions. At this time, the whole sea surface was shrouded in demon light and evil method, and the sea water on all sides was reflected in a dark red color, while the small Antarctic sea water was extremely clear, and algae in the sea could be seen. Speaking of it, it was also a blessed place, and the spirit veins were scattered.
Forty-seven islands are like blue snails floating in waves and white clouds floating from the sea. Each island has different shapes. It stands thousands of miles away. The sea surface is cloudy. In the daytime, it is blue and sunny. In the vast waters, the scenery is clear. Every time the sun rises and sets, the blue waves in Wan Li are flooded by this vast expanse of sunshine.
All the islands near and far from the sea, together with the jade flowers and wooden springs in the island ~ building, were immediately covered with a layer of five-color light silk. It was already a strange sight that there were several five-color stars in the clouds at night, and they couldn’t stop turning and looming to eat the sky, and the sunset and dusk light reflected in the sea, which became a wonder.
However, this beautiful scenery was destroyed by Wu Lingzhu’s detonation of the’ Wu Suo, the secret magic of the heavens’. Wu Lingzhu’s hatred deepened because of his injury. He just saw his father chatting with Song Changgeng there and didn’t come to help.
I have accumulated hundreds of years of grievances in my heart now that my body has been destroyed, so it is difficult to make the first move.
This kind of evil magic treasure has already shocked Qian Kanggang, who destroyed Wulingzhu’s body, and it is about a foot long. The black shuttle rocket flies out of Wulingzhu’s broken body like this, and the tail has a very strong silver spark with a string of thunderbolts, and it is dazzling. Don’t say that the naked eye is less powerful and people can’t see any trace.
Qian Kang, after all, is a fairy. Seeing that the spindle is black and unpredictable, such a situation will be unusual. Looking at this, he suddenly remembered that a magic treasure in his ancient books was very similar to this thing, and he couldn’t help but cry out in alarm, "The magic treasure is powerful and will move you to pay attention to defense and get out of here!"
Then, I ignored other people’s crazy operation and turned it into a colorful brilliance, but suddenly I didn’t see the young man in black. I looked at the people in the eye field bitterly and didn’t save the Yuan baby. The shape turned into a black light and Song Changgeng was just about to leave. I remembered that Shuangying was still facing Ye Bin and shouted "Let’s go!"
After that, the Qin sisters flew to Baishi Island opposite. I don’t know what gave birth. When I saw him, I rushed to fight the law. Song Changgeng knew that he was not far from flying with these people. Now there is a spell to ask the Qin sisters to maximize the defense law and then take it out. He doesn’t know if he can save everyone. He can’t help but complain that Qian Kang knows this guy is not a good thing.
At this time, there were thousands of thunderbolts in the distant sky, and the sun suddenly showed a strange splendor. The center of the sun wheel turned dark like a big blood wheel hanging outside the China-Japan wheel, and many strange stars appeared, which were also colorful, and each side emitted different colors of light.
Ye Bin and other four people saw that Qian Kang and Song Geng were both warning shots, and they walked down the aisle. Things were in trouble. The four people joined forces to escape the light and flew to Admiralty Island quickly. At this time, they saw that there were dozens of different colors of Changhong, and they were full of wonders. In the sky, Guanghua shot and crisscrossed, so the colors were fresh and beautiful.
Ok, it’s not far from Clock Island. When they arrive, because the phosgene in the center of the sun is not strong, the earth is inversely proportional to the previous darkness. It looks lifeless and lifeless, like a limited murder. Everyone can’t make people nervous. Everyone feels that there seems to be a great disaster, and the sky will turn into a blue-gray shadow.
Ye Bin and others have been practicing monasticism for many years. It seems that this evil method is still the first time to see things clearly, but we also know that the more this time, the more we can’t be careless. The four people will work together to complete the defense law of Admiralty Island.
Then the younger brother will come to take out all the defense magic weapons. At this time, through the defense array, I can hear that the thunderbolt at the height of the heavenly heart is getting denser and denser, but there is no thunder and fire, and the strange light is getting stronger and stronger. Ye Bin and others are making everyone be careful and alert. They suddenly looked up and caught a glimpse of high school. It seems that there is a little shadow flash.
It is estimated that at least there are thousands of feet high and you can see it when you look up. You can imagine that it is almost difficult. When you hurry to step up your guard, the shadow has increased. When the strange light flashes, you will listen to the sky fall like a big earthquake, like hundreds of millions of thunder, and then turn into an umbrella-shaped black strange fire. Suddenly, it will fly over the mountains.
When there are still one or two thousand feet away from the sea, with hundreds of millions of thunderbolts exploding at the same time, it’s much bigger than a black fire and rain, and it’s coming faster than before. What you just saw was that the thunder and fire flashed for thousands of miles, and the sea in Fiona Fang was shrouded in this strange black fire as if it were entering the night.
Song Chang-geng’s defense is fast, and the mirror of heaven and science turns into a golden light with his mind. The umbrella cover also seems to protect a dozen people together. He is a fairy with high mana and a large array of defense. Otherwise, other people would never be able to bear it, and even if the fire poison can’t be in the body, it will make him feel uncomfortable.
He didn’t know that he was lucky in Baishi Island and Yebin ~ Island. Just now, the other 47 islands failed to escape because they didn’t have anything in vain. Now it has been shrouded in strange fire. The fire is a pure black mixed with this number of Mars.
These Mars look small and small, and they are as fine as grey sand and the largest as longan, but the explosion shock is surprisingly violent, colliding with each other, and the continuous explosion has not been reborn after its extinction, but there are too many of them, falling to the sea like crazy waves, and more and more. When the stars and the sun are out of sight, heaven and earth have already fallen into chaos.
The fifty-first volume Magic wave wind Chapter five hundred and seven Cloud LeiXian net
Some 47 islands now seem to be trapped in the dark sea of fire around them, and the number of black strange fires thundered down. Although they fought with their magic weapons to protect themselves, they were barely able to defend themselves from being victimized, but the pressure of black fire around them was as heavy as mountains. Among these people, besides destroying the meat, Wu Lingzhu and Wu Shenshi, there are more than a dozen strong players. Are they all Yuan Babies?
One of them was furious when he saw Wu Lingzhu use such a vicious magic weapon, and all his friends here were facing death. But now things are critical, and he didn’t pay attention to Wu Lingzhu’s taking out a large piece of five-color silk in his palm and throwing it at his head. At once, he saw the colorful silk like a light cloud floating in the clouds and a wild sea, stretching in all directions.
But in a blink of an eye, everyone’s place has been tightly wrapped in this colorful silk five-color optical network, and everyone is wrapped in it. The pressure of black fire outside has disappeared. Everyone knows that it’s okay for the time being, and they all thank the man. Among them, Yuan Ying Wu Shenshi said that he is the most enthusiastic. He is already in the late stage of Yuan Ying, and Yuan Ying has solidified like a stranger, but he can immediately be fleshed out.
It’s much better than Yuan Ying’s early condensation and mid-Yuan Ying’s immediate physical exit to practice nature near the physical body, but it’s inconvenient after all without the physical body. He is afraid that other people will work together to take Yuan Ying away to refine the treasure, and he knows that the man’s name is Yunlei, and he hopes that the owner of the 47th island in the small Antarctic will be killed by someone.
And before his mother, he was also a middleman in a side door. Later, he went to Middle-earth, and the revised way was that the real Yunlei was taught by his mother since childhood, although he was eager to enjoy his personality, but he also paid more attention to his principles, although he was general with himself, but if he put his attitude on the ground, the other party would disdain to tidy up himself now.
While controlling the color optical network, the real person Li Wang of Yunlei stopped everyone from flattering, and then frowned after everyone stopped talking. "You don’t have to be so polite. I hope that Li Wang is away from the island, which is also a small Antarctic island. Everyone has been friends for more than a hundred years. It is appropriate to help in such a crisis, but my’ Yunlei Xianwang’ is also an ancient treasure.
Although once it is applied, fire, water, wind and thunder can defend itself, there are hundreds of millions of colorful Mars in a red fairy cloud, and besides self-defense, it can produce a large number of colorful gods, Raytheon. However, this magic weapon of Lord Wudao is really amazing. Although it was just a quick glance, I have never seen it before.
I don’t know if Udo can talk about it in detail, and I just got lucky enough to save everyone, but in this form, our basic islands and our brothers in the cave may not be saved. Let’s be psychologically prepared. The 47th island in the small Antarctic is estimated to be the way out after this robbery. If everyone has to think of a way. "
Everyone looked gloomy when they heard it. They thought of their own treasures accumulated painstakingly and the beautiful women included in the construction of the abode of fairies and immortals. At this time, Master Wu pointed to Yuan Ying’s broken Wulingzhu and said, "He did all this, but this guy doesn’t say anything now. It’s not a ceremonial ceremony. His father is a fairy. What should we do with him?"
Yuan Ying broken Wu Lingzhu cold way: "Now that you know that my master is a fairy, this magic weapon, although severe, can’t hurt him. He has already left before the magic weapon was made. Although the mullet island may not be guaranteed, my island is a younger brother, but my Wu family is still the strongest. Can you endure me? If you dare to move, I’ll wait for Wu’s revenge.

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