She was afraid that even Fangzhou wouldn’t know how to spoil the good things and ordered a few words with a kind smile.

Even Fangzhou is really an ignorant person. Although he knew that something must be valuable, he didn’t expect it to be so valuable.
One-night talk
The next morning, even Fangzhou and his party left Sue’s home and went back.
Originally, she insisted on not sending Su Jia’s carriage, but it was kind of you to ask for it. Lian Fangzhou couldn’t help feeling a little guilty. Was it a bit too cruel for her to scold Su Xiner yesterday?
Back to Yu County, the county seat, Lian Fangzhou sent the Su Fu carriage back and hired another car.
Before returning to the village, she asked Jane to accompany her to the most famous and largest oil mill in the north city.
At this time, the oil is soybeans and peanuts, of which soybeans account for 70% of the reason. He is cheap!
Jane was very puzzled. "Do you want to do oil extraction?"
Zhang Xiaojun will be handed over to purchase the living base, and even Fangzhou’s personality will not intervene at will.
Even Fang Zhou smiled. "Didn’t we hear people say that soybeans and peanuts have a bumper harvest this year when we were shopping in Shuangliu County? The price is definitely cheap. It is a good time to enter this business at this time! "
Jane nai smiled. "Isn’t it the same that soybeans and peanuts are cheap and oil is not expensive?"
"But the bumper harvest in our area doesn’t mean that there are bumper harvests in other places. The convenient transportation oil in Shuangliu can be sold to other places!" Even Fang Zhou said and laughed, "I just have such an idea now. It’s not certain whether I can do it or not. Let’s take a look first!"
There are three oil mills in Yu county and town, and there should be one of them in the township, which may not be able to squeeze in.
Jane smiled and said, "You can do it if you want!"
"You just trust me!" Even fangzhou laughed
Jane raised her eyebrows. "What can’t you do now that you have enough money?"
Even Fang Zhou smiled with a smile, "OK, you make fun of me!"
"I am telling the truth!" Jane laughed
The two of them were almost at this oil mill called Zhouji, and the smell of oil in the air was strong, so they stopped talking and laughing and walked there.
The oil mill is a rather messy and dirty place, and so is it here.
A dozen workers are busy with crude and primitive oil-squeezing tools, and the soybean oil and peanut oil, which are muddy with impurities, are pushed by manpower to flow out in a line and flow into tin vats.
There are too many impurities in this oil to be sold after precipitation.
Even Fang Zhou couldn’t help frowning. Were they lazy or didn’t really think of it? Why don’t we just filter it with gauze at the oil outlet?
In previous lives, she had seen people make hemp fiber, that is, palm skin filters one layer to remove coarse impurities, and then several layers of cotton gauze are used to make a filter screen and then filtered again to make oil clear and thorough, with no impurities at all.
Rao was well prepared, and even Fangzhou was still taken aback. This oil-squeezing tool is simply too primitive.
Lian Fangzhou saw indigenous oil extraction in the countryside before. In modern society, it is something that is on the verge of disappearing, but now it seems that it is so advanced compared with what she saw at the moment!
It seems that it is feasible for her to open an oil mill.
Su Ji has a rest and is busy again.
Want to come, he still won’t let himself down. 451 Chapter 451 Oil mill
"Feed you two don’t get in the way here, haven’t you seen it? Have what good-looking "buy oil in the shop over there to go there! "
Perhaps their curious eyes are too obvious. A tall and thin man in his early forties in a brown robe is impatient.
This is manager Zhou of the oil mill.
Lian Fangzhou asked with a smile, "How much do you charge for soybeans here?"
Manager Zhou gave her a look and said, "How much do you have for two pence a catty?"
Sure enough, it was very cheap, and even Fangzhou asked, "What about last year?"
"Last year?" Manager Zhou disdained to sneer and said unhurriedly, "This can’t be a little higher than the price of last year’s poor harvest. This year’s bumper harvest is just a matter of choosing this price. Don’t sell it to others!"
Even Fangzhou smiled "Oh", so it seems that the price gap should not be small.
"How many kilograms of oil can you produce from a hundred kilograms of soybeans here?" Even fangzhou smiled and asked
If there are other questions, Mr. Zhou may be impatient to answer them.
But this problem happened to scratch the itch. Manager Zhou suddenly showed pride and swaggered, "Who doesn’t know that the oil yield of our Zhouji oil mill is the highest! An average of 100 kilograms can produce 10 kilograms, sometimes reaching 11 kilograms and a half! "
"That’s really not low!" Even Fang Zhou nodded sincerely.
This oil mill is completely open, and even Fangzhou can see everything at a glance.
Before oil extraction, soybeans are fried in a large iron pan, and then the oil can be extracted.
Think this is the way it is in this era? It’s a lot to be able to pay ten pounds of oil. Manager Zhou may be exaggerating, but since Zhou Ji is the leader, it’s good to have nine pounds.
As far as Lian Fangzhou knows, it is not impossible for fried soybeans to be beaten into powdered iron casting molds and pressed into bean cakes, and then the oil yield can reach as little as 100 kilograms of soybeans and 10 kilograms of oil to reach 212 kilograms.
Zhou Guanchang seems to be a little unhappy when he listens to Fang Zhou’s tone. It’s strange that she can understand what I said to a bitch!
Zhou steward was a little impatient and gave them a white look. "I said whether you buy oil or sell soybeans!" There’s something to say. Hurry! This is not a pastime. Go away if you have nothing to do! "
Jane put Lian Fangzhou behind her when she was in charge of Zhou’s scolding and said, "Let’s just ask around first and come back later!" He took Lian Fangzhou away.
"This smelly mouth that Zhou Ji oil mill has such a steward to collapse sooner or later! Ignore him! Don’t be angry! "
Even Fang Zhou laughed. "When did you see me angry? It is foolish to be angry with such people! "
"I wish you weren’t angry!" Jane smiled and added, "Do you have any idea in your heart?
Even fangzhou laughed. "I haven’t decided yet. Let Qin steward inquire later and discuss with Sue steward."! But I think I can do it! "
Jane smiled "Oh". "If you think you can do it, do it! This man is so hateful that it is good to teach him a lesson! "
Lian Fangzhou "sloped" a smile. "Do you trust me so much?"
"That’s natural!"
Two people smile at one another.
When I get home, it’s already the right time to pack up and have a rest, so I can cook dinner.
When I returned to my home, I felt a sense of intimacy. Several people were joking and busy cleaning up.
Just after I packed up and didn’t come for a cup of tea, I heard the friendly voice of Lianhai at the door. "Fangzhou, Aze, you are back!"
"Where is this coming from? It’s quick!" Third aunt can’t help but whisper.
Even Fang Zhou smiled slightly and Yang answered and went out to meet him. He was polite and a little alienated.
The first three aunts have a good impression of Lianhai, but whether this person has been getting along for a long time is sincere or full of calculations will always make people feel.
"Cousin has something to do!" Lianfangzhou smiled and invited Lianhai to the house.
Even the sea did not say hello to the third aunt and others, but nodded at them and asked Lian Fangzhou, "I heard that Che Er said that you have lived in the Su family for many days!"

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