"Go after it. You’d better say I like you!" Su Moxiao leered at him and quipped.

"Fart!" Anshun made a face and then asked, "Su Moxiao, today Lin Zixiao wanted to detoxify, so I remembered that your mother was poisoned and became a vegetable. Is it better now?"
"Hehe, it hasn’t been 6 years!" Su Moxiao gradually bowed his head and his deep eyes faded away …
Lin Zixiao has gone far, but she stopped at the hospital gate. Her eyes still stay where she talked with Su Moxiao. The wind blows her hair, the hair is hidden, the handsome face shows a firm expression, and Yin Tao’s lips open and close, saying, "A person’s indifference has his reasons. Just Su Moxiao, I know the root cause of your indifference and your father’s cruelty!"
Par3 Lin Biao is really amazing!
Lin Zixiao took two taxis and went back to the hotel arranged by social practice in advance. He just took out the key and stuffed it into another door in the keyhole.
"Ah Lin Zixiao, you can come back!" Lin Yifei smiled and said that his tired face gave me a smile.
"Well, yes! Have a good rest! Sorry to bother you! " Lin Zixiao said with a smile
"Well, have a good rest without you!" Lin Yifei walked over and then closed the door.
Lin Zixiao walked into the room, looked around the layout of a room and made do with it. Then he took out the green treasure and took out the Swiss knife to exploit it a little.
Put it in the juicer cup, add anti-chrysanthemum and dried tangerine peel, press it and stir it hard!
It’s disgusting to take it out later!
Lin Zixiao looked at this dark green thing mixed with anti-chrysanthemum white and orange peel dark yellow, pinched her nose and chewed it in her mouth for a few times before she went there.
She swore that she wouldn’t be poisoned again. This medicine is disgusting. It’s just disgusting. It tastes a little bad.
After eating the green treasure, Lin Zixiao took a hot bath and went to bed to sleep peacefully. She slept soundly, maybe it was a rare poison in a thousand years, hehe ~
Early the next day
The sunny house was bright with the sun shining. Lin Zixiao opened his sleepy eyes and looked at it. It was already after 1 o’clock!
It’s also normal. I went to bed in the early hours of last night and looked at the dazzling sunshine. I shrank into the bed and muttered, "Go to sleep for a while!"
Two o’clock in the afternoon
Lin Zixiao heard the knocking at the door, so she got up in ignorance and stared at the messy hair with her white pajamas on the floor.
"ah!" Lin Shengyan and Lin Yifei screamed and wandered in the corridor.
"Why? !” Lin Zixiao never bothered to ask anyone who disturbed her sleep to kill her!
"That you don’t get excited!" Lin Yifei bent down and said it carefully, as if she saw Lin Zixiao’s anger for fear that she would get angry!
Lin Zixiao blinked and cocked his head to make you continue to say.
"I have knocked from 1 o’clock to the present!" Lin Yifei said seriously, "You are really sleeping soundly, Anshun. They said they wanted to talk to you about something and they wanted to take you to see Xia Muliu!" "
Lin Zixiao’s expression became dignified as soon as she heard the words Xia Mu pity. She opened her eyes and asked seriously, "How is her health?"
"If you are very happy, you might as well go and see us in person and take you!" Anshun Tian Huan said with his chest cold
"Good!" Lin Zixiao bent his lips and then the door said, "Wait for me to change!"
At the moment of the door, Lin Zixiao’s eyes became darker than sarcasm. She finally understood why they were so eager to give her first aid, hehe ~
Sure enough!
There is still a purpose!
Lin Zixiao quickly changed into a white shirt, a pair of long jeans and a ponytail, and washed her face with a refreshing touch and a girl’s unique vitality.
She smiled and knocked on the door and said, "Thank you for waiting!"
After hearing the ringing sound like a silver bell, everyone turned around and saw her now, and her eyes flashed a bit amazing …
Par4 turns out she’s a child.

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