At the end of Xie Kexin, three people looked at the back of the weathered cloud and couldn’t think that the weathered cloud was not a person, but a dumpling girl would even be afraid of a cockroach. At that time, all three people felt a sense of inexplicable fear, but they remembered Jixue in their hearts or they would definitely shout.

Aside, Zhang Chongxuan shook his head, and his impatience with the weathered cloud was really a sound to the weathered cloud. "Ji Xue’s whereabouts are thousands of miles west, so if you can’t find them, go to guard the border area." I don’t know where to fly, and the weathered cloud heard Zhang Chongxuan’s tail swing and fly to the west instantly.
Weathered cloud can’t be searched like Zhang Chongxuan, but it is a mixture of dragon and dumpling. It has the characteristics of being the first dragon of all things, not only farsightedness, but also sense of smell. With the feeling of Ji Xue’s breath, weathered cloud chased all the way, but he lost Ji Xue’s breath when he was at the edge of a river.
Weathered clouds stopped by the river and looked at the surging river and complained. If Zhang Zhongxuan told him to do such a simple thing, he wouldn’t be able to do it well. What face would he have to go back and search around the river?
Where did Ji Yeti go again?
It turned out that Ji Xue felt that there was nothing in the world that she missed after burying her father away from Zhang Zhongxuan. Something happened to go to the river, so she had the idea of suicide. She didn’t die. She was saved by a boat owner who happened to pass by this river.
"Where am I? Are you in hell? " JiXue faint woke up and looked at the tent and felt something was wrong.
"Girl, you’re awake." A 40-year-old middle-aged man came in with a bowl of water from the outside and sat down beside Ji Xue to stop Ji Xue. "You just woke up and your body is still weak. Don’t get up and rest more."
"I’m not dead? What will be here? Who are you? " Jixue looked at the middle-aged man in front of him and urgently needed to know the answer.
The middle-aged man smiled. "You didn’t die. When you threw yourself into the river, our boat just crossed the Yejiang River. I asked someone to save you. Now you are staying in the frontier military camp. Are you satisfied?" The middle-aged man handed a bowl of water to Ji Xue. He didn’t pick it up, but looked at the middle-aged man. "Is this the frontier military camp?"
The middle-aged man nodded and said, "Why should you commit suicide at a young age?"
Ji Xue didn’t go back to the middle-aged man, but absently read to the barracks. Her eyes flashed a sharp light, which made the middle-aged man sitting in front of her feel a little strange, and the bowl he was holding shook with him.
Just now, Ji Xuenao remembered that she had one more thing to do, and her heart was full of anger. Plus, she was really thirsty. She handed the bowl to the middle-aged man and drank the water at once. After a while, she wiped the water on her mouth and handed it back to the middle-aged man. "Thank you!"
The middle-aged man smiled faintly. "You’re welcome, just lift a finger."
"Oh, by the way, since this is a military camp, why can you be here? Are you a general here?" Jixue raised her face with a worried look.
"The general and a person like me can bear that I am a transportation officer in the military camp. Liao County is located in the frontier. In many daily lives, I need to bring a place from the ground to avoid a full-time person to manage the transportation and buy and sell things at the difference between the two places. Hehe, you know, this transportation alone can increase the army’s income and expenditure."
"That’s good that’s good" JiXue nodded his head.
The middle-aged man got up and said, "I think you should be hungry. I want you to prepare something." He said and walked outside the tent. After watching the middle-aged man’s back disappear outside the tent, Ji Xue turned over and walked to the door of the tent to see camps everywhere. Many teams of soldiers kept going back and forth in defense to see that it was indeed a military camp.
Ji Xue’s eyes swept around and finally fixed her eyes on a wide tent in the distance, where lights were on and more dancing came. Ji Xue guessed that there was the general’s camp, and she went out from her tent without thinking.
"What person?" Jixue was found by patrol soldiers without taking two steps, and there were more than a dozen cold light spears around him at once.
When Ji Xue was in a panic and didn’t know how to answer, a kindly voice came over. "Linger, how did you come out?" With the sound of saving Ji Xue, a middle-aged man appeared in her eyes. He was holding a roast chicken in his hand and said to the soldier in front of Ji Xue, "I’m sorry, she is my niece. She came to see me this time."
JiXue see clever way "uncle shine is to want to walk in the barracks to see what barracks"
The soldiers took back their spears and led the way, "There’s nothing important in the army. It’s best not to wander around casually, okay?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Middle-aged people should be watching the soldiers leave before pulling Ji Xue into the tent. "What are you doing out?"
Ji Xue vaguely said, "I want to go out for some air."
The middle-aged man said seriously, "You’d better not go out and rest here for two days. I’ll walk you out in a couple of days. The natural defense in the military is very strict, and outsiders are not allowed to walk around casually, okay?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Jixue nodded his head and agreed to the middle-aged man on the surface.
Middle-aged man handed the roast chicken to JiXueDao "to just warm up".
Ji Xue took the middle-aged man’s roast chicken and ate it hard. It was very popular and made the middle-aged man laugh. The middle-aged man said, "If my daughter were still here, you must have a comparison with her."
"Your daughter? What about her? " Ji Xue asked
Middle-aged face a light way "dead, she died"
"I’m sorry" JiXue felt a little sorry sincere way
The middle-aged man waved his hand and said, "It’s okay. It’s been so long."
"Oh" JiXue didn’t speak but silently ate roast chicken.
(Daily Chapter III)
Chapter 13 Assassination of General
Chapter 13 Assassination of General
The middle-aged man sat on a bench and his eyes became blurred. He slowly said, "My girl is as young, beautiful and lively as you. The only thing is that she and her mother came from home to look for money. I came all the way here. Who wanted to meet robbers on the road? Her mother was desperate to let her escape, but she refused to leave alone. Even if she killed a few robbers, she would still be dead. If she had given in a little, she would not have died."
Ji Xue couldn’t help but doubt what the middle-aged man said. According to the middle-aged man, he wasn’t there, so how did he know? In other words, he was there … The thought of Jixue’s face became unnatural. The middle-aged man just saw Jixue’s expression. "You didn’t guess wrong. At that time, I hid in the forest and watched my wife and daughter die in front of me. It was a very painful thing. I also committed suicide more than once or twice, but I still kept my breath every time. I was wondering if the sky deliberately kept my desperate efforts and made me suffer from my heart. So I lived calmly and prepared to accept all the punishment. Over the years, my heart became more and more. I haven’t spent money as before, and I haven’t pursued anything. Instead, my heart has calmed down and I feel that life is so wonderful. Everyone can’t be suicidal because of life once. "
"Why do you want to tell me so much?" Jixuedao

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