Su Shiyuan was obviously surprised to hear this. She wanted to turn around and look at her. The hand strength in Chu was loose, and the front woman really turned around.

"You know?" Su Shiyuan looked at him in surprise. She didn’t know.
"Yes" Chu Lin truthfully answered her about Qi. She knew that Qi Ying was vicious by nature, and even the emperor of Qi who had adopted himself for many years was poisoned. It seemed that nothing could not be done.
It was dangerous enough to fight him, let alone send him to the door. Besides, Yuaner just wounded him. How could he not hold a grudge?
Since she left, his heart has never been calm for fear that something might happen to her, so he sent someone to sneak into the palace of Qi State, dressed as a eunuch, and he would know when there was any trouble in the palace.
"You know you know you know you won’t help me!" Su Shiyuan pushed him several times in succession, but it was very painful to find that the man was still sweating in the same place!
Chu Lin suddenly smiled and laughed at the sight of a woman who was directly shocked by his incomprehensible amorous feelings.
"I don’t think that Qi Ying is your opponent’s own plan for a bitter plan. You ruined it in vain. Don’t say that the old wound hasn’t healed yet. You must be sorry for it." Chu Lin said that he was very proud.
"You see those people are sent by him." Su Shiyuan smoothed his disturbed front and looked up at him. Chu Lin immediately nodded.
"Well, the emperor also specially ordered people to catch some alive. Those people are loyal to the Lord.
Those people are loyal to protect the Lord and committed suicide. I think the emperor will not doubt that he is not suitable for piercing this window paper at the right time. "Su Shiyuan stretched out his hand and described the beautiful and cold lines of the front man’s face, but when he touched his lips, he was suddenly caught by his wrist. Su Shiyuan immediately stared at him.
"Xiao Yuaner, don’t you want to know what Furi is going to do?" Looking at her soft cheeks, Chu Lin rang again, and the warmth of the carriage for two people could not help but turn over the topic again.
"Of course I want to know, but I won’t tell you in the report." The crisp and tactful voice is so beautiful that it stirs the heartstrings.
"Since you don’t want to choose, let me help you choose!" Chu Lin’s words just fell and Su Shiyuan hasn’t come to express his position, but he has been blocked by people. When he looks up and picks up the soft and bright ink hair, it hangs freely behind him and throws a beautiful radian.
The moonlight shone through the window and the clothes on the ground made people blush, and the bright moon could not help hiding in the clouds again.
"You this mind’s eye I Mato but you" Seeing that it was already there Su Shiyuan struggled to turn over and get dressed.
Who said it was a choice? Shit, but what? He chose the third option!
At this time, the man was still lying on the long cilia and trembled slightly. Then he woke up faintly. Su Shiyuan suddenly felt that his hand was clenched and turned to look at the man lying there.
"Luca brasi, I’ll take you to the palace." Where is the speaking man still sleepy? His eyes are clear and tender, and he keeps staring at her.
I still want to have fun with that Qi Ying, but this time he really wants to finish him quickly. He doesn’t want Yuaner to go so hard.
"No, it’s not good if someone finds out. It’s not so easy to enter the palace. Qi Ying knows you, so it’s better to dress up as a eunuch!" Su Shiyuan’s words fell and he felt that his waist was tight and he suddenly fell to the bed. The man’s eyes were staring straight at her and stretched out his hand to provoke her.
"Do you think your husband is dressed as a eunuch?" Su Shiyuan was shy and wanted to retreat, but the front man refused to let go.
"Of course, I’m not teasing you. It’s so stingy!" Su Shiyuan said that someone let go and stretched out his hand to stir up the clothes and hugged her again.
"Luca brasi, don’t worry, this kind of day will end soon." Chu Lin finished her face and kissed the man’s chest skirt, which was not good. Su Shiyuan couldn’t help but be shy and looked elsewhere.
After saying this, Chu Lin’s thoughts gradually drifted away, but suddenly he remembered something and held the male arm nervously.
"What’s the matter with Luca brasi?" Chu Lin looked at her curiously. She was so nervous.
"I forgot to tell you about one big thing." Su Shiyuan looked at it late and agreed to stay with him for a while and then go back, blaming this black guy!
"What’s so tense?" He has the impression that Xiao Yuaner has always been calm. What’s the matter today?
"Xianer gave me the seal of the State of Qi, and I analyzed it, saying that her father and she didn’t like life now, and they had some difficulties in trying to prop up this great country in the present situation or in the future, so she gave me the seal." Su Shiyuan told him in detail.
As he expected, Chu Lin didn’t know about it.
"For Qi’s father once analyzed these, I thought it would be Qi Ying who inherited the unification and unified the country. The Emperor of Qi has been so convinced for so many years that he didn’t expect things to become like this. It can also put out Qi Ying first." Chu Lin said that Su Shiyuan nodded and agreed after listening.
Since the Emperor of Qi has no son, whoever is his son-in-law can inherit the throne. Xianer likes Hong Zhan, so will he inherit the throne?
Su Shiyuan thought that if she and Chu Lin accepted Qi Jiangshan now, it would be unfair to Xianer’s future husband, and the Emperor of Qi didn’t know that it was still natural and the most important thing was to get rid of Qi Ying quickly, otherwise the balance would be hard to protect.
Coming to Qin Kai is the biggest enemy of her and Chu Lin. Unexpectedly, it’s really hard to kill a Qi Ying halfway, but it’s time to take the initiative. After Su Shiyuan made up her mind, she pushed the door and walked towards the building.
Chu Lin followed her steps, and the carriage seemed to have been waiting for a long time outside the teahouse.
Su Shiyuan looked back at Chu Lin. Fortunately, he was sweet, otherwise he might not be able to ride a horse this morning.
"Luca brasi, be careful." Before he left, Chu Lin reluctantly looked at her and couldn’t help telling her again and again.
Actually, this street is not far from the palace. It is easy and inconvenient to meet each other.
Su Shiyuan smiled and nodded at him. "I know you can rest assured!"
Su Shiyuan suddenly stopped when he just asked for a carriage. "I’ll come out after I’ve finished handling things. I’m still waiting for you!"
Last night, I got the news at such a high price. Of course, I can’t forget that Su Shiyuan was naughty when she said this, and she lifted the curtain and sat in the carriage before Chu Lin said anything.
The driver was still the one who was very clever last night. Chu Lin liked the man sitting in front and nodded toward Chu Lin, indicating that he should not worry. Then he held the reins and drove the carriage slowly in the direction of the palace.

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