"Is Liu Reying met * *" Li Yi is very directly said.

"Boss, hurry to help. Helping beautiful women is what every boy should do."
"Li Yi but where is that * *?" Lin Keer looked at Liu Reying and asked.
"According to the little heron, that * * should go shopping for the time being," Li Yi said.
"Boss, we have to escort. We can’t let our beautiful teacher be violated by * *!" Chen said
"Chloe, why don’t you go and watch the game first? Leave this little thing to us and you won’t worry."
"Li Yi, can you get hurt?" Lin Keer was very worried and asked.
"My Chloe knows that she loves me, but I won’t get hurt. Who am I? I’m the one who fixes the truth," Li Yi vowed.
"I hate it, then you should protect yourself. You must not let yourself get hurt!"
"Know" Li Yi instantly felt sweet.
"Boss, is there anything else?" Chen looked at Lin Keer walked beside and asked.
"Chen is my good brother. He is just a worm in my stomach!"
"I’ll go to the boss. Don’t be so disgusting. The worm doesn’t say anything and wants to vomit." Chen decisively made a move to vomit
"Er … Chen, actually, do you remember the three gangs next to the high school? In fact, the total territory of these three gangs has been as big as several high schools," Li Yi said.
"Eldest brother can’t have so big? I remember that time when I went to our gang, it was not so big! "
"Chen, you’re not familiar with it, but it’s really big, and the biggest territory is our gang, but you’re not familiar with it."
"Boss, is this and those three gangs still there?" Chen asked
"I suspect that this person is the middleman in those three gangs. You see, this is my analysis. Yingying’s place is the teacher’s area. Generally, normal students are afraid to go, but this person is not a student. He is very stubborn. This means that he is not an ordinary person. If you combine these data, you will find that he is similar to a gangster." Li Yi said and raised his head.
"Li Yi didn’t expect your analysis to be good!"
"That’s, that’s, that’s, don’t look at your boss ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
"Li Yi, tell me yourself. What are you keeping from me?" Lin Keer doesn’t look very good.
Which girl will be happy to find that her boyfriend has something not to tell herself?
"Actually, Chloe, it’s not that I don’t want to tell you," Li Yinai said.
Chen also stare blankly for a while, when he found Lin Keer, the boss had analyzed himself and was going to say a sister-in-law, but he was blocked by Lin Keer’s eyes directly.
Boss can bless you silently.
"This is your reason? Have you forgotten how you told me? Tell me everything, "said Lin Keer.
"Actually, Chloe, look at you, a girl. Can I let you get in touch with those things? Sometimes it is possible to break your arm and hand. You can’t have nightmares after listening to it, so I feel bad," Li Yi said
"Then you can’t help but let me know. Fortunately, I came to see how you can’t get past it. If it weren’t for me, I would never know that you are a gangster. Li Yi? "
"Well … actually I’m not a gangster."
"Don’t talk much. Tell yourself what a gangster needs to do," Lin Keer said with a sigh.
"You know that once you went to a gangster, those two teammates were gangsters," Li Yi said.
"Didn’t you say that gangsters were fighting and killing? Those two people didn’t fight and kill. How can a gangster have a building!" Lin Keer really can’t believe this.
"Chloe, what I said is true. You can ask them both," said Li Yi.
"Then I’ll ask."
"Chen, why didn’t you tell me?"
"Eldest sister-in-law can let me tell you!"

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