Rub his face against him

Rub him hard
Muttered discontentedly in the mouth
Small hands began to tear at men’s robes.
The man’s frown is tighter. He knows medicine. He knows very well that her body-pleasing medicine has played its most powerful role at the moment.
Drugs or silver needles can’t be saved for her at this time
Yes, through sexual intercourse
Or she will die.
Judging from her pulse, it’s not for a while, it should be for a while.
She can persist until now, although she is already divine at the moment.
It’s not easy to recognize him in a trance but at least just now.
That requires a lot of forbearance.
Besides, just now, she climbed the guardrail to jump off the waterside pavilion because she was really in pain, so she wanted to jump into the water to wake herself up, right?
But she can’t water at all.
A slight pain in the heart, the man stretched out his arms and hugged her.
And for Yi Min at this time, his suspicion of pouring oil on the fire completely ignited her body.
She began to cry even more painfully and tore at his robe even more crazily.
Shen Yan snow was so angry that she trembled after hiding in the boulder that her lips were bitten out of blood by herself.
She didn’t know what had happened, and she was shocked and angry by Yi Min-hang.
I’ve never seen such a shameless person.
A woman is so peak sexually, she can’t wait for this, even those women with fireworks can’t catch up.
If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes and killed her, she wouldn’t believe that she would be such a woman if she looked cold, demure and lame.
If it weren’t for fear that Feng Ying Mo would find out that she was following him, she would have rushed forward to slap that slutty woman.
Now I can hide here and smoke
The only hope in my heart is that Phoenix Shadow Ink can push this shameless woman away from her!
However, the development of things once again gave her a blow.
not have
The man didn’t push Yi Min away.
Not only did he not push away, but he also stood on tiptoe in Yi Min’s gasp to find his lips. At that moment, he bowed his head and took the initiative to send the door.
At the moment when the lips were attached, she heard Yi Minshu sing softly.
Shen Yan snow feel whole body blood at the same time to a surge.
They-they actually …
And this compartment Yi Min has obviously lost consciousness and completely fallen into a crazy state.
A man’s lips are like sweet springs. She gasped and gnawed at her arms, tightly wrapped around the man’s neck and hung herself on him.
I moved so much that my nose bumped into a bronze mask of a man several times and I didn’t feel the pain.
Even so, she is not enough, far from enough.
Her chest is about to explode, and she is burned by flames. She needs to be cool.
She wants him.
Men are somewhat passive and sigh.
If you don’t understand it, you’ll be bleeding 7 times.
A pair of sharp cold eyes looked warily around him, and Yi Min was picked up against the waterside pavilion guardrail.
Maybe it’s afraid of being discovered, or maybe it’s important to save people.
No foreplay
The man goes straight to the subject.
Even Yi Min’s robe didn’t work, that is, she lifted her skirt and directly faded her pants.
The man himself is the same, and his robe is intact. He pulls his underwear down with his big hand and then drives straight into Yi Min’s leg.
Yi Min once again uttered a sigh of relief and pain.
Shen Yan almost fell to the ground in a flash.
Is she dreaming?
Or did she look away?
After all, the night is so dark.
After all, the line of sight is not clear.
The most important thing is that after all, their clothes are still intact.
So the two of them are not actually doing …
Just as she was still there, she deluded herself into making this excuse, and the two of them had already moved.
Also completely let Shen Yan snow heart fell into icehouse.
If you are not doing that, what are you doing?
What are those two people breathing heavily if they are not doing that?
She even heard the crash.
Ripple with water
This made her feel ashamed and angry because she had never been through personnel.
Are there such shameless men and women?
Regardless of identity, it’s just that it’s still so regardless of occasion
Are you really so hungry?
Aren’t you afraid of being discovered?
Mo Qianyu is still in this inn.

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