Iron old man who was about to walk in was found in the lobby of the inn.

"Young lady, the horses are ready for us to get something to eat and then we can ride away directly." Tie Lao said to Tie Ying Yue before he left.
Four people came to the street and found a special snack bar in Yaoxi Town to eat. This store still brought them here by Tie Lao, but to tell the truth, the business of this store is really good. It is not allowed to take them away here. This makes me want to pack and take away Huangfu Zhantian, which is very depressed, but it is a little better to think about Tieying’s cooking. After all, if there are no people who can cook, they will probably eat birds and eat blood and lead a wild life this time.
After eating, the four people came to the former inn together and then took over the former iron from the inn man. Not to mention that the four horses here are still good horses, but this kind of horse is limited to ordinary people, so riding is simply too fashionable if they are fighters, but they will choose to ride because there is no quarrelling or little strength among the four of them.
Four people rode horses and then flew away towards the town. Tieying Moon was not quarrelsome or magical, but her riding was really good. Although Huangfu Zhantian was very strong, his only regret was that his riding was not good, but this was normal. Otherwise, he was strong in everything, which would be too scary [
Hua Yu never stopped laughing all the way. She always likes to ride a horse behind Huangfu Zhantian and then watch Huangfu Zhantian’s various riding postures and laugh behind Huangfu Zhantian.
And Huangfu Zhantian’s face is thick and boundless, of course. Laugh whatever you want. I sit on the horse safely and steadily. Although Huangfu Zhantian can’t ride a horse, then the horse has been disobedient. Huangfu Zhantian directly clamped his legs on the horse’s belly, and then the horse screamed with pain when he slapped his hand on the horse’s back. However, Huangfu Zhantian had long expected that this would happen. He made a thousand pounds drop and crushed a horse, and then the horse was honest. Huangfu Zhantian moved a little, and the horse knew what to do.
Looking at Huangfu Zhantian, he tamed the horse so quickly. Henaan left his mouth. Nai said, "It’s boring, you spineless guy. You will bend under this oppression. It’s a shame. Oh, don’t lose your face." Then Henaan rode a horse and chased Tieying Yue. Then two people didn’t know what to say, and they said that they were very heart-warming and pointed at Huangfu Zhantian behind, which made Huangfu Zhantian extremely depressed, but he couldn’t hear what they said from so far away.
Huangfu Zhantian slowed down the riding speed a little bit, and then rode the iron old man side by side with him. "What about those guys behind?"
"Iron old man felt it, too. It’s okay. Jokers just ignore them. If they really annoy us, it’s their misfortune. Let’s just go." Huangfu Zhantian said faintly. Long ago, he felt that someone was following behind him, but those people were really unable to stand on the table. Huangfu Zhantian was too lazy to ignore them. If they didn’t annoy him, everything would be fine. Section 639: Debt collection 1
Any suspection.i war days bridle horse and then turned the horsehead indifference looked at the back.
Feel suspection.i war day move iron old also turned around and said with a smile, "they still can’t help it, but I am very curious about which side are these people? If it is premeditated, then they should understand our strength, so sending these people here is to be cannon fodder."
Huangfu Zhantian laughed. "One of these people I know is the one we had a dispute with at our night market last night. It seems that he still doesn’t have a long memory."
"Oh, since you know someone, say hello yourself. I’m going to protect the young lady." After that, Tie Lao smiled and then drove the horse to the front for a while and chased them.
"It’s too unkind." Looking at the iron old man leaving back, Huangfu Zhantian muttered [
At this time, there was a horseshoe behind the road, and a group of teenagers riding horses came riding in the direction of Huangfu Zhantian with several fighters dressed up behind them.
"Stop that smelly little guy in front of me and say," A male voice with a little drake voice came from behind, and then a group of them quickly came to Huangfu Zhantian’s side and surrounded Huangfu Zhantian. Then these people kept riding horses and Huangfu Zhantian turned around. Don’t really feel a little horse bandits.
Looking at this group of people who are like clowns, Huangfu Zhantian Gherardini said, "Oh, I seem to have been parked here all the time, but you are too slow. Hurry up and say something. I have to hurry."
After listening to the words of Huangfu Zhantian, the group of people didn’t know how to react.
Listen to the male voice of the drake humble to the man who clashed with Huangfu last night. "Master Zhuang, what should we do if we take it?"
The feminine man who shook his feather fan gave the man a slap in the face and said, "Mom, if you can’t talk, don’t talk nonsense." Then a man with long and narrow eyes came out from behind.
"Small is because you let our master lose hundreds of thousands of gold coins. Today, we didn’t really mean to ask you to compensate us for the money, otherwise …" Say that finish, with a wave of his hand, the men with narrow eyes pulled out their weapons and showed a fierce look.
Huangfu Zhantian pretended to be afraid when he heard this man’s words. "You will let me go if you want me to pay, right?"
After listening to the words of Huangfu Zhantian, they are still naive and afraid of Huangfu Zhantian. It’s even more arrogant, and the Zhuanggong’s eyes are skid and gloomy. "Of course, these are compensation for my losses, and my brothers can’t run this trip with me in vain. How do you have to take out hundreds of thousands of gold coins? Oh, and the two little beauties around you that night. I’m in a good mood today. I want you to give those two little beauties to the young master. How about letting bygones be bygones? Very cost-effective, haha! "
When I heard Master Zhuang’s words, all the dude brothers around me echoed Section 64: Debt Collection.
"Yeah, it’s your blessing to be looked down upon by our Zhuang. Maybe when Zhuang is less happy, your family will be successful in the apprentice."
I still want to play with them, but when he heard that these people actually put their ideas behind Henaan and Tieying Moon, the murderous look in Huangfu Zhantian’s heart could not be suppressed. However, before Huangfu Zhantian came to say anything, he felt that they had come from another group of people and felt that Huangfu Zhantian had suppressed his anger and then looked back because he could feel that the strength of those people behind was much stronger than that of the people in front of him. Several of them were faint threats to themselves.
I’ve been talking there for a long time, and those dude brothers feel that the horseshoes are coming behind, and they all shut up and look at the road behind them.
"Did you call someone else besides us?" Master Zhuang asked the drake in a low voice.
The drake’s voice man rushed to answer, "Without Zhuang, all those male brothers in Yaoxi Town were invited by me. These people should be passing by" [
After listening to the drake’s voice, Master Zhuang didn’t speak. He didn’t want to cause any more trouble. He was ready to settle accounts with Huangfu Zhantian after these people passed.
Soon the party arrived not far from them and saw two big men in strong clothes riding horses rapidly, waving whips in their hands and rushing towards them and shouting, "Let the people in front."
I don’t want to make trouble, but I saw that these two people were so arrogant that their stubborn temper came. They were about to let those people shout, "Don’t move. I want to see who can make such a big show and let me make way."
To be quite angry, Huangfu Zhantian laughed after hearing the words of Zhuangsheng Qi, pointing to Zhuangsheng Qi and saying, "It’s so funny that someone pretends to be angry with this name." Then Huangfu Zhantian burst into tears.
After listening to the words of Huangfu Zhantian, Zhuang Shengqi glared at Huangfu Zhantian. "Now I won’t argue with you. I’ll have you look good after I finish these things."
Those two big men are not stupid, and this group of people is not easy to provoke. After all, people still have some eyesight. Before and after they came to them, they quickly stopped a big man in the horse and roared, "Who are you who dare to stop Fangjia cavalry and don’t want to die?"
"Just which location? We don’t seem to have any location in Yaoxi Town. An unknown family is so arrogant. Do you know who I am? I’m a banker in Yaoxi Town, "said Zhuang Shengqi proudly.
The man who spoke didn’t expect this man to be so arrogant and angry. "The banker is so bold that he dares to stop our gentleman cavalry." This man spoke, and another man quickly turned his horse around and came to the group and whispered a few words to one of them.
Then a centaur drove his horse to Zhuang Shengqi and joked, "Oh? Banker? I think the old man in Zhuanglu is living more and more. It seems that the first family title in Yaoxi Town should be replaced. "
Seeing this man Huangfu Zhantian’s eyes wide open Section 641: See Fang Jinyu 1 again.
At present, this person is none other than Fang Jinyu when the sunset empire was over. Although his appearance has changed a little, he can still vaguely recognize the handsome appearance, but it seems that their fire empire is quite powerful. After all, many years have passed, who knows if he still remembers when he spoke? And he never thought about controlling a person. After all, everyone has his own freedom.
"What are you from? Tone so big incredibly dare to call our master speak incognito is don’t want to live, right? "The drake voice shouted out again.
A big man with a whip threw it directly at the drake’s throat and said, "What’s the matter with you when our master is talking, dog slave? Mind your mouth, or it won’t be a whip if I throw it at you again."
The drake’s voice was depressed. He didn’t go out to see the Gregorian calendar today. It was nothing that he was beaten by his master first. After all, he was his master. But this man dared to beat him. What was he about to say? But when he saw the big fellow with murderous eyes, he swallowed his words [
When Zhuang Shengqi saw that one of his own people had been beaten, it was up to the master to beat him himself, but this man actually beat his slave in front of his face. This shows that he is not hitting his face.

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